Design & Landscape Architect


With offices in Delray Beach and Naples, Florida and the Caribbean, partners Randall Stofft and John Cooney design and oversee many of the most sought after projects in the residential, commercial and resort architectural communities throughout Florida and select locales of North America, Europe, Russia, South America and the tropics.

Randall Stofft Architects has blended form and vision, style and structure to take full advantage of Water Club’s outstanding waterfront location and expansive views.

“The two tower concept allows through-units with centralized cores. This creates for 100% premium views from each residence. Each tower proportion becomes lighter and more modern. The architecture is classic, clean, and has attractive reliefs, providing for a handsome vertical appearance. The towers are offset to provide an ‘open, airy’ feel to the site as well as a large open feel on the water.”

- Randall Stofft, Design Architect

Landscape Architect

Intuitive Design Group (IDG) Landscape Architects has been responsible for Water Club’s landscape design of the resort-like setting. The lush tropical surroundings create a tranquil ambiance throughout the 9-acre site, maximizing and incorporating the natural environment into the design of the residences as well as the amenities.