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Who Made the Top Safest Cities in Florida?

POSTED ON: JUNE 20, 2018

Who Made the Top Safest Cities in Florida?

The Village of North Palm Beach hosts a small town image, complete with white sand beaches, lush natural spaces, and a quiet lifestyle. The National Council for Home Safety and Security, in their annual list titled The Safest Cities in Florida 2018, placed North Palm Beach in the number ten spot. A trade association made of home security professionals around the US, the NCHSS uses statistics from the FBI and their own statistics to calculate which cities in Florida held the lowest number of reported crimes per 1,000 people. While North Palm Beach maintains an incredibly low number of safety incidences, they accredit it to preventative measures that involve the utilities and resources available to the area.

As a certain saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and the Village of North Palm Beach has worked hard on their prevention. Working with state and national disaster response organizations, the Village of North Palm Beach has a variety of programs dedicated to help during hurricanes. Understanding the value of North Palm Beach's bodies of water, the Village has worked to keep the nearby rivers and inlets healthy by developing plans for them. For example, the health of the Lake Worth Lagoon has been the center of recent discussion within the Village of North Palm Beach. Involved citizens and members of the Village have looked into creating a stormwater utility to help regulate the Lagoon.

Besides protecting the area's cherished water, the award winning Jupiter Medical Center has offices around the area offering diversified services ranging from women's health to orthopedics and joints. They've even received designation from the American College of Radiology for their radiation oncology department. Hosting a variety of events to reach out to their patients such as yoga and meditation classes, alongside offering doctors in multiple areas allows this medical center to promote the well being of the residents of North Palm Beach.

The Village of North Palm Beach has also spared no expense in designing the city to cut down on pollutants that harm the health and safety of residents within the area. Specialty building codes help define the maximum height of added on design elements and decorations, along with lighting and heights of buildings. These codes were plotted out to help prevent the beginning of urban sprawl, which would easily reduce quality of life and quickly introduce pollutants into the air and water.

The Village of North Palm Beach has garnered a reputation for peace and privacy, along with developing a sense of security. This extends to its residences, which use natural barriers and state of the art security to keep its residents safe. Water Club's premier location in North Palm Beach grants you the peace and privacy of select waterfront residences. Limited move-in ready inventory remains at this one-of-a-kind address that include exclusive and expansive residences that offer breathtaking views of the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, to expansive terraces to spread out and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather on.

Who Made the Top Safest Cities in Florida?

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